Thursday, July 2, 2009

Little Intro

It's high time I posted something besides pictures of my own stuff. An introduction is definitely in order.

I'm Emily. I'm 22 years old and I just graduated from college with a degree in chemistry. I'm applying to medical school, and right now I'm on two waiting lists in St. Louis. I'm a little pessimistic about my odds of getting into a class this Fall, but I'll reapply and hope for the best if things don't work out.

This summer I'm living with my parents in St. Charles, MO until I get married on July 25. Then I'll move into my new husband's apartment in St. Louis, just north of Forest Park. My situation with waiting to hear back from med schools, planning a wedding, and an upcoming move has left it very difficult for me to explore job options. I'm getting sort of antsy, so that's part of the reason I finally decided to open an online jewelry shop. It has definitely been keeping me busy (and entertained/happy).

I've been interested in making jewelry since I was old enough to string a bead onto a piece of string. My style has definitely changed and evolved over the years. In fifth grade I started a little business selling jewelry made out of seed beads and wire to my classmates and family. I was also really into hemp jewelry when I was younger. I was quite unhappy in high school, and I went through kind of a dark stage. It wasn't all bad... I got into chainmaille jewelry and loved it. I learned a lot of great techniques that I still use all the time. I've retained some gothic/victorian/medieval/dark influence in my jewelry, and I try to keep it alive because I think it's so unique and interesting. But I'm also a lot happier now, so my work has become much more feminine and light. I'm really happy with my design style right now, and I think it's something people don't run into too often.

Here is a little picture of me and my awesome fiance.

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