Sunday, July 5, 2009

Feature, Sale, Stupid Michaels, New Listing

I've been featured in a blog for the first time! I'm quite flattered. Here's a link

I made my first sale yesterday!! I feel like a real businesswoman now. Haha... I spent a lot of time trying to make the packaging all pretty. It's kind of hard when you have to make sure it's secure too. I really hope my customer is happy.

My sister ordered some custom earrings from me. She had some really simple pink crystal earrings that she got on vacation somewhere. She lost one of them, and came to me asking if I could make a new pair. I agreed, but after I made them she came back to me complaining that the ends of the hooks were hurting her. I guess that'll teach me for buying simple findings at Michael's. I'm learning to hate that place. I'm glad my sister discovered it instead of an etsy customer. I wish it didn't take a week for my online orders to get to me. That way I wouldn't ever be tempted to shop at stupid Michael's.

Also listed a new necklace yesterday.


  1. it's funny that you hate michael's. :D i might be getting a job there soon. hahaha

    looove the new necklace. if i get this second job at michael's i'll actually be able to buy things from etsy. :D FINALLY. :)

  2. I used to love Michael's and I'd take a job there in a heartbeat. But lately I've gotten a few things there that have been absolute crap. I got a little package of clasps and half of them were stuck closed. And now this ear hook thing... The Michael's close to me is also CONSTANTLY out of stuff I want. I started ordering my supplies online and I have had no problems.

  3. oh, i had the same problem with half of the clasps being stuck closed.

    where do you order now? i'd love to find better supplies.

  4. Well, I can't say I'm really experienced with online shops, so I don't know if these are the best places... but is nice because it has free shipping. I've also used and they're pretty good too (but no free shipping).

    Lately I've been getting things from hobby lobby when I need something fast. They have clasps that work. :)

  5. haha i wish there was a hobby lobby around here :D we only have michael's and joanne's and they have almost the same exact stuff. ah well. :) thanks for the websites though. :)