Thursday, July 9, 2009

Not So Nice Day

I went to get my wedding haircut today. Displeased.

I was ok with it at the salon. She always poofs it up and styles it so much that it seems fine. Then I come home, and 15 minutes later it deflates and I don't like it anymore.

It's fine from the front:

But I do not like the back:

Just about all I said to her was "I want it shorter in the back than in the front." Is it just me, or is this the exact OPPOSITE of what I asked for? I even made her cut it shorter in the back once while I was there. I guess that wasn't enough of a clue.

I'm sure it will be fine, but I'm sick of paying for haircuts I don't like and didn't ask for. This is why I wait 6 months before shelling out more cash.

Also, any opinions on the make-up? If I had to do my own make-up for the wedding today that would be it (with a different lipstick... it's too goopy... but I kind of like the color).

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