Saturday, August 29, 2009

Livejournal Kicks Blogger's Butt.

So... after a few months of blogging here, I've come to the conclusion that livejournal is just better. Why you ask?

Nested comment threads. Communities. Full posts on friends page. Interest searches. Interchangeable avatars. Better post protection options. More posts on main pages by default. Fewer annoying gadgets. Cuts.

I truly do not understand why etsians prefer blogger. Is there something I'm missing? The only redeeming factor I can come up with is that everyone on etsy is here. Can we start a migration to lj plz?

My livejournal is currently a personal blog, so I don't really want to give out a link to it. I'm thinking of replacing this blog with a new jewelry-based blog on livejournal. Will certainly post about it if I make that decision.

In the meantime, does anyone want to try to convince me that blogger is actually better (aside from the fact that the masses seem to prefer it)? I'm interested in hearing some opinions.


  1. the only reason i chose blogger - it is owned by google. so when ppl do searches, my blog is going to get a hit being on blogger faster than any other template site.

  2. Ah yes. That fact always seems to escape me for some reason.

  3. I agree that LJ is better. I'm mostly on blogger because, as you said, it seems to be the place for etsians. I'm not quite discontent enough with blogger to switch yet...

  4. I liked livejournal better too, but when David deployed we started the Big Macs as a family to keep in touch, and it grew from there. And the everything is connected to my google account keeps things simpler, I guess.