Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I think etsy helped me get a job...

I freaking love etsy.

I've spent the last couple of weeks looking for a job around the city. As we all know, finding a job is tough right now. I've also never had a real job... just stuff at school... so I really have no experience with anything besides research and helping students. I applied to at least 15 different places. I was hesitant to list my etsy shop as "work experience" on applications, but I wrote it down anyway to see how things went. I had 3 interviews last week, and almost everyone told me not to count on getting a job because there was so much competition.

I got a call from Hollister last night with a job offer. I was extremely surprised to have successfully found a job after only two weeks of trying. I'm really really happy and can't wait to start.

I think that my jewelry shop gave my interviewers something to remember. It also shows that I know something about fashion, that I'm computer savvy, and that I can deal with customers.

Just wanted to share my story and let people know that talking about my etsy shop might have helped me get a job. Granted, it's a minimum wage, part-time, mall job... but certainly better than no job! And don't judge me, but I love Hollister clothes. So soft! A little known fact, but Hollister has the best pajama pants in the WORLD.

I will stop rambling now. Here are some new things in my shop to look at:


  1. Wow, congrats! I think I may add etsy to my resume, I've been trying to get a job too...

  2. a job is a job, congrats, emily :D

  3. Congratulations on getting a job!! That's so exciting, especially in today's world. It's great that they recognised your experience with Etsy- and you do gain so much experience running a shop on there! I'm off to perve on that green necklace now :-)