Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Swimming and Making Things

Things are still going great out in California.

The weather has been consistently awesome, except for one day that was overcast. That was a bummer. ;)

Austin got a couple of days off for 4th of July. We took the train up to AT&T park since the Giants were playing the Cardinals. It was a lot of fun. I wore my Cardinals gear (including this "rally squirrel" pendant that I made) and got boo'd by a few people. It was ok, because we stomped them. Quite a fun day.

I'm getting back into swimming again. There's a small pool at our apartment complex. I've never lived anywhere with a pool. I've been going out there when it opens at 9 and swimming laps until the sun starts hitting it at around 9:45. It feels so good. Swimming is so much easier on me than running or using gym equipment.

I'm staying pretty busy with jewelry orders. I recently got a custom request from a friend for a ring-holder necklace for when she can't wear her wedding ring on her finger. I'd seen them on Pinterest, and already had most of the supplies I'd need. I added some crystals and pearls in her wedding colors to make it unique. I'm very happy with how it turned out, and I hope she is too:

I also got a custom order from my mother-in-law, Susan. My sister-in-law is getting married at the end of August and she was nice enough to ask me about jewelry for the event. She liked these earrings and wanted a necklace to match. I came up with the design below, and now she's testing it out to make sure it's perfect for a formal occasion:

I love making things for my friends and family. I'm always so thankful that they're willing to help support my creative ventures. You guys are awesome.

The hummingbirds are becoming very comfortable with my feeder. They're coming up to it even when we're sitting out there now. It's pretty cool. Here's one chilling out on my railing:

My mom is flying out to visit tomorrow and staying until Sunday. I can't wait to show her around and hang out with her. I love living here, but I'm used to spending a lot of time with my family. It'll be so great to see her.

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