Friday, June 27, 2014

Flowers and Hummingbirds

Things have been going pretty well. I like my new home. The weather is incredible, I can sit outside without being eaten alive by bugs, and I'm able to walk to lots of different kinds of stores.

We've been spending the past few days decorating. My favorite place by far is the patio. I like to sit out there and drink my coffee in the morning. I noticed that one of our neighbors across the courtyard had a hummingbird feeder that was getting lots of activity. I decided lure them over to my side and bought this feeder.

Also in the spirit of attracting hummingbirds, I bought some huge red dahlias to put out there.

Riley is turning into quite the wild patio cat. There are lots of birds out there for her to stalk. She is well-loved by little kids in the hot tub. Every once in awhile I'll see one of them pointing and squealing at her.

It took a couple of days, but I eventually started seeing hummingbirds. I'm still not getting very many, but hopefully more of them start finding it.

Austin started his job this week. The drive isn't bad at all... it usually takes about 10 minutes and there's never much traffic on his route. We're very relieved about that because this area is known for its ridiculous traffic. I dropped him off at work on Wednesday so I could go to the DMV and get a California license. It was pretty much a nightmare. I was there for five hours. My name change plagued me ONCE AGAIN and cost me an extra two hours. They repeatedly thought I hadn't registered my name change with social security even though I had (about 4 years ago). I have the worst trouble with name change issues. I told Austin he'd better hang onto me and never die because I won't change it again under any circumstances. Haha.

My Etsy shop has been doing well. I've been taking lots of new photos and putting things up for sale online. It takes longer to photograph, edit, and list things than it takes to make them. I'm really backed up with a ton of items I've made for shows, but have never photographed. Getting caught up on that has really made a difference.

The post office is only about a mile away, and it's along Austin's route to work. Makes it easy for me to drop of my little jewelry orders. I also found THE BEST nursery right by the post office. My flower and plant addiction shall be well-fueled.

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