Thursday, June 19, 2014

The Big Move

On Monday, June 16, I moved from St. Louis, MO to Mountain View, CA. My husband got a job at Google and will be starting next week. He moved into our new apartment at the end of May, but I decided to stay behind so I could make some extra money, sell the car, and clean our old apartment.

I stayed with my mom in St. Charles for a few weeks. My brother and sister were also staying with her. It was nice to have some togetherness time with my family before I had to leave. I also got to spend some time with this lovely little dog.

My birthday was on the 12th. It was a pretty good one. I always seem to be traveling or working a night shift or something on my birthday. It was nice to have a free day. I went to Cheesecake Factory with my grandparents, mom, and sister for lunch, did a little shopping, and relaxed.

I booked a one-way, nonstop flight to San Francisco with Frontier Airlines. They recently added a very affordable nonstop flight, and they also allowed pets in the cabin. I needed to bring Riley (my huge cat) along with me. I ordered this carrier online since it was designed to go on airlines and had good reviews.

My mom and sister took me to the airport. It was such a help because I was really freaked out about flying with the cat. We said our goodbyes and they watched me go through security. This was the part I'd been dreading the most. I knew I'd have to take the cat out of the carrier, put the carrier through the X-ray machine, and carry the cat in my arms through the metal detector. It went fine, though. I had a little leash and harness for Riley, so I was able to put her on the ground while I put my bags on the conveyor. She was very well-behaved. She practically cuddled against me when I carried her through the metal detector.

The next step was getting the carrier under the seat on the plane. I took it slow and eventually maneuvered the carrier into place. Luckily, the other two people sitting in my row hadn't gotten there yet. It gave me a little more room and time to work with. Here's a photo I took of her carrier (with my hoodie draped over it) safely under the seat.

The flight went very smoothly. Riley was incredibly quiet throughout the four hour flight. I'm not sure if the people sitting around me even knew I had a pet with me.

We landed in San Francisco, and my handsome husband was waiting for me with beautiful flowers.

We traveled to our new apartment in Mountain View. I'm now on my 3rd full day living here. We've been spending lots of time decorating the new apartment, and getting new things to put in the new space. The weather has been phenomenal, so I've been spending a lot more time outside. We have a balcony that's juuuust big enough for two chairs and a small table. It's my favorite part of the place. Riley likes it too. Here she is begging to go outside:

I don't have a job here yet, and quite frankly I'm in no hurry to find one. I worked pretty hard in the few years before this move. I'm looking forward to spending more time working on my little jewelry business and art ventures. I'm sure I'll get stir crazy and start looking for something eventually, though.

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