Friday, March 21, 2014

Square Market Update

Looks like I have to eat my words a little bit.

In February, Square rolled out some site improvements. They sent me an e-mail about it, and I putzed around a bit, but I couldn't see a huge amount of difference.

Then I made a sale. Suddenly, I became much more interested in listing things in the Square Market. I started putting all of my items there. Why not? It's free.

While I was working, I discovered something amazing. It seems that you can now add as many photos as you'd like to any listing. Before, they only allowed you to post one photo per item. This was originally my number one problem with Square Market; a problem that (in my opinion) rendered it practically useless. I quickly went through all of my items and added 4 to 5 photos apiece. This change alone makes Square a much more viable option for selling online.

They still have a way to go. They still insist on cropping your photos into a perfect square (get it... SQUARE? HAHAHAHA. But seriously, let me crop my own damn photos). They still order your items and categories alphabetically by title. They still have a quantity option of "one" or "infinity" with nothing in between. I'm still not convinced that modifiers actually work for customers. They still set a default price of $0.00. They still have zero analytics. BUT, it's free until you make a sale, they addressed my most important issue, so I officially like where this is going.

Check out my square shop here:

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