Friday, September 3, 2010

Football and Blogging Tips

GAH the weather is nice. We got stormed on last night, but now it's GORGEOUS.

I went to my mom's house to watch the University of Minnesota football game last night. My sister's boyfriend is on the team. He was on the sidelines last year, and it was so exciting to see the occasional shot of him on TV. I suppose you can only imagine how much more exciting it was to see him actually play! So awesome. They won by 7, and it was a very exciting game.

I'm working on a blogging presentation for my Etsy craft team. Full of all the stuff I've learned (but not necessarily applied) about blogging. Here's a link to a page full of my ideas. Not sure how it'll be formatted... this is my first attempt at using google docs. Feel free to make suggestions: Blogging Stuff

I've been putting TONS of stuff in my shop. Here's a little sampling.

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