Thursday, November 14, 2013


So, I just posted that I was moving over to wordpress. I think I lied. They're so pushy with trying to sell you stuff (OOO! I can pay $5 for a different background color!). Blogger is so much more customizable without having to pay extra. I think I might just deal with the glitches I'm experiencing on blogger.

I’m hoping to start blogging again. I know I’ve said that several times, but for real this time. I’ve been neglecting my little Etsy shop since I started working full time, but now I have a job with better hours. Might be time to start getting back in gear.

One thing I’ve been wanting to talk about is free alternatives to Etsy. There has been a lot of Etsy drama going on lately, and I know a lot of people that are looking for other options. I set up shops on Zibbet, Square Market, and ShopHandmade and haven’t spent a dime so far. Looking forward to seeing if I have any success with them.

Here are links to my free shops if you’re looking for comparison. I’ve tried to put approximately 20 items in each shop.

My Zibbet Shop
My Square Market Shop
My ShopHandmade Shop

I’m planning to leave them up for a few days, maybe add some new items, and see how they do. I’ll make posts to discuss any pros and cons I see with them. But like I said, I haven’t spent a cent on any of this. I figure it can’t hurt, and maybe people are looking for some opinions.

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