Monday, August 23, 2010

Awesome Weekend

I had such a great weekend!

I've been spending the last few months getting ready for my first show with a full table. I recently sent most of my stuff over to a shop, so I had to pretty much start from scratch. I made a lot of my own displays, and I worked really hard to get a good amount of stock.

I set up on Saturday morning at the Tower Grove Farmers' Market. It was supposed to storm all day. It was a little cloudy in the early morning, but the rain never came. The humidity kind of messed up a few of my handmade earring diplays, but everything else held up pretty well.

The show itself was super fun. There were lots of cute kids and friendly dogs. My husband got us the best potato chips ever. I might have to go back for those sometime. A bunch of my family members came to visit, and my husband convinced some of his research team members to drop by. I also sold more stuff than I had anticipated. Definitely a success.

Later that day we went to the Cardinals game. They broke their losing streak. I've only been to 3 games in my life... but I've still never seen them lose. Took a cute picture of a bug:

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